If you wish to sell your products on smartitems.lk, please read this section carefully as failing to do say may result in legal repercussions.

1. Smartitems.lk is an online marketplace, where buyers will meet sellers (you). We just facilitate you to expand your business by facilitation you to reach more potential buyers.

2. Both parties, you and smartitems.lk hereby agree that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

3. The seller should provide us with correct and up to date information.

4. Seller must list their products at a fair price and no hidden charges must be shown apart from delivery charges which must be shown during checkout.

5. Incase of a product return, the seller must bear the cost of shipping the product from the customer to the seller.

6. If the buyer cancels an order, the seller must provide the customer with a refund.

7. Seller should accept return requests under the following conditions:

  • Defective/Damaged Product
  • Incorrect Product
  • Incomplete Product
  • The Customer changes his/her mind or no longer needs the product (applicable for certain categories only)
  • The product is unused, unworn, unwashed and without any flaws.
  • The product includes the original tags, user manual, warranty cards, freebies and accessories.
  • The product is returned in the original and undamaged manufacturer packaging / box.

8. The Seller warrants us that all its Products sold on the Platform, whether manufactured, imported or otherwise produced or provided by the Seller or others, will:

  • Strictly conform to the specifications, drawings, samples, performance criteria, and other descriptions referred to or provided on the Platform;
  • Be of merchantable quality and fit for the purpose(s) intended; and
  • Have all relevant regulatory permits and licenses, and conform to all applicable laws, ordinances, codes and regulations.

9. Smartitems.lk will NOT be responsible for losses endured by the customer or associated sellers for the following reasons, as they are beyond our control.

  • Act of God, explosion, flood, tempest, fire or accident war or threat of war, sabotage, insurrection, civil disturbance or requisition;
  • Acts, restrictions, regulations, bye-laws, prohibitions or measures of any kind on the part of any governmental, parliamentary or local authority;
  • Import or export regulations or embargoes;
  • Interruption of traffic, strikes lock-outs or other industrial actions or trade disputes (whether involving employees of smartitems.lk or of a third party);
  • Interruption of production or operation, difficulties in obtaining raw materials labor, fuel, parts or machinery;
  • Power failure or breakdown in machinery.

10. The seller should agree that, although smartitems.lk is an intermediary between the seller and buyer during disputed, we will NOT be liable to the seller for the cost of cover, recovery, recoupment of any investment made by the seller.

11. The Seller agrees to release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Smartitems, including its affiliates, and any director, officer, employee, contractor, or agent, against any costs (including attorney fees and court costs on an indemnity basis), fines, penalties, damages, and liabilities, arising from, alleged to arise from, or in any way associated with:

  • Any defect in Products sold to any Customer;
  • Any claim made by any Customer on the basis of any Contract;
  • Any defect in the packaging or shipping of a Product by the Seller;
  • Any violation of any law committed by the Seller, including any failure by the Seller to pay any required tax on the import, manufacture, production, sale, supply, distribution or delivery of a Product;
  • Any negligence or fault of whatever nature of the Seller or its affiliates, and any director, officer, employee, contractor, or agent; or
  • Any breach in any warranty or representation made herein.

13. Seller shall be the sole owner of the sold product until its successfully delivered and received by the customer

14. Smartitems.lk will be responsible for the retrieval of products from the seller and the delivery of said products to the buyer.

15. You, the seller will NOT add anything extra apart from the product ordered. Especially your contact information in any form.

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